When a client says “Find me a house!”

I don’t just wait for that house to show up on the MLS! I find it!!

Many “lazy agents” will “just” wait for listings to show up on the MLS and then they’ll take their clients to see it in hopes that they will like it. Of course I do that too! BUT that’s not ALL I do! Especially when the inventory is as low as it is now and when many sellers are expecting overbids on their properties. I go the extra mile, by being proactive for my clients. I send hundreds of letters to homeowners  in a define neighborhood to properties that fit the client’s specific criterias ( 850 letters today to Mar Vista Hill!) 
After a few days, I will get on the phone and I will call every single one of these homeowners who received a letter and I will ask them if they are interested in selling their home.
YES! I might be that somewhat annoying Realtor calling you at 9 in the morning or right before you are about to sit down for dinner….But think about it, if you were that person, desperately trying to find THAT perfect home, wouldn’t you want your agent to be that guy (or gal) who goes the extra mile finding it for you?… yeah, I thought so…. :)

As always, If you have any questions about the current Real Estate market in Los Angeles do not hesitate to contact me. AND if you know anyone who is thinking of selling or buying real estate, please refer them to me and I will take very good care of them!


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